Layla The Wolf is a four-piece band from Nashville, TN that serendipitously came together one summer thanks to the suggestion of a friend. Including several members of the band Red Shepherd, Layla The Wolf was formed when front woman Elsie Bennett arrived in Nashville from New Orleans and started jamming with the boys of Layla. She began to sew her brilliant lyrics and melodies into the solid instrumentals of Nashville locals Taylor Burgess, Matt Fox, and Rett Wood creating songs that began to boil with life. Soon enough the fun-loving, danceable songs of Layla The Wolf were born, and the group began to play at house shows around Nashville as well as many local venues. With several amazing songs under their belt, Layla The Wolf began talking to good friend, local engineer, and producer Cheyenne Medders. Showing his belief in the music of Layla, Cheyenne helped produce and record Layla The Wolf’s first album.